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Our History

There was a need to bridge the gap between suppliers with traditionally limited knowledge of process equipment and applications, and equipment suppliers with limited knowledge of correct reagent usage. Setchem, being a subsidiary of Roytec Global ( a leading supplier of Thickeners, Clarifiers & Filters), was formed in 2013 to bridge this gap. Setchem is the only chemical supplier within Africa with a liquid/solid separation equipment background. Since 2013, Setchem services and supplies South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the DRC.

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Chemical Solutions & Technologies

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Our team consists of highly skilled engineers, who in addition to having a process background conduct stringent lab testing and in doing so are able to optimise plant processing. This proves to be highly advantageous as we are able to provide our clients with water treatment solutions that are plant specific therefore reducing reagent consumption.

Setchem is currently supplying flocculants and coagulants to the coal, gold, uranium, nickel, ferro chrome and platinum industry. We boast a PAM product range of superior quality and are well priced in terms of market related standards. We also supply commodities and coagulants. In addition to this we supply a range of coagulants specific to colloidal silica removal.

Setchem has extensive experience supplying, commissioning and maintaining flocculant plants and thickeners. We believe this experience is essential in providing the most effective support to the four collieries.

Setchem has the technical know-how to ensure the thickeners, flocculant plants and clarifiers operate at the best efficiencies possible. We have a pilot plant thickener available to bring to sites to operate in parallel to the existing thickeners, and thereby fully optimising plant operations

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